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오랜만에 (- ┏)

10 April 1989
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I AM BORED. YES. that's right. BORED. :))

hello, i am what you call a Tsehqui [pronounced as CHE-KIII]
i like what other people do not usually like.
i love taking pictures of random stuff. that is why i need a DSLR. or atleast a better camera filter.
i seriously want to be a vampire. yes the ones who are of Nosferatu's bloodline.
i love being hyper.
but i am not hyper.
i draw a lot.
i love music.
listening to music.
creating music.
i am still bored.
i like listening to people's problems.
i love to stare at random people being at their worst/best.
i love all genres of music whether it's JRock, Jpop, Kpop, etc. :)

MULTIPLY: http://chekyisdead.multiply.com

MYSPACE: http://myspace.com/asfauxasyoucanget

TUMBLR: http://tsusefukui.tumblr.com

DEVIANTAT: http://tsehqui.deviantart.com

PLURK: http://plurk.com/youdontknowwhoiam

i am weird. [kinda cliche, but it's trueeee]
i love my friends. :)
i am currently a painting student at the University of Sto. Tomas (Philippines)
i want to be in a band. hello, i am volunteering! :))
i am telepathetic.
i sing.
i growl.

i eat you, food. O_O hahah
(i told you i'm weird.)

i love talking to people.
i need the city. wut? :))
i mean i love the metro! :>
i like to dance.

i :) at you. *smile*
i love going to gigs!

i am a yaoi & yuri fan ^^
i watch anime when i have the time.


(i think that's enough info ^^")

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